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Redecorating? Get Inspired!

Under Decorating Ideas

This is an easy statement to make. But what does it mean? How do you find inspiration and how do you combine all of the ideas to create your perfect space?

Redecorating a room can come with some pressure in the fact that you are likely to have a vision. How do you make this vision a reality, whilst avoiding any prospect of over-busying the room? Colour choice is the best starting point for you.

When we discuss colour choices with our clients it is possible that they have preconceived ideas. This vision can sometimes guide us easily towards a colour selection. Or, it can do completely the opposite and end up being a completely different colour choice than originally considered.

Decorator Holmes ChapelSome of our best advice comes once the main wall colour is selected. So many of our clients automatically select white wood work or white ceilings. Our advice is to take your time and be creative. Possibly consider a stronger colour for your wood work and ceiling.

This does not necessarily mean a drastic colour selection; maybe just something that better suits your wall colour. A colour that will compliment this and offer a more timeless and unique feel.

Inspiration comes from everywhere; previous clients work, magazines, design websites and even other people. Inspiration for your newly decorated room does not necessarily equal bold print. It can, in fact, mean simple design.

We are always on hand to offer advice. This proves to be invaluable to our clients in their project is planned. We try really hard to make sure each of our clients have an extremely positive experience in dealing with our Company.

Can we help with a decorating project that you are considering? Please call us today on 01477 535862. Our decorating blog offers images of projects we have recently undertaken.

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