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Home Decorating Helps Create Space

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Creating space in your home and space perception can be managed through decorating and there are many painting ideas and painting techniques in which can help create the illusion of added space in any room. There are clever methods, used by painting contractors that can achieve this;Painters and Decorators Cheshire

A light, neutral colour on the walls will create the illusion of space as the colour tricks the eye into feeling the walls are receding. If your room is busy this neutral toning will make it look bigger and neater; this combined with textured or reflective accessories will provide the best-possible results.

Vertical lines, achieved by using wallpaper will lead the eye up and down making a room appear taller.  Although this is often used with bold print or colour, it is also possible to use this interior decorating method with softer tones.

Maximising every aspect of each room will mean that you will get the most from your redecoration project. If you feel daunted about any aspect of the work, please contact us to discuss it. Our aim is to provide the best possible level of customer care to ensure that we continue to provide a second-to-none service, the highest-level standards and finishes and that we achieve repeat business through our hard work and commitment.

Please contact Vantage Decorators for inventive home decorating ideas or call on 01606 831255.

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