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The Secret to Achieving Superior Decorating Finishes

By Jill Simpson On November 7, 2017 No Comments

There are many elements of the decorating process that help to ensure a smooth and seamless finish for your walls and wood work. An incredibly important part of this is the use of a dustless sanding system.

How to sand wallsOnly the best-served professionals use this system. Why? As a system it is expensive, but it is an investment as it undoubtedly offers a better finish than regular hand sanding. Hand sanding is effective in eradicating imperfections in walls.

However, when you consider how the motion is completed then you are able to imagine why it may offer an inferior result. The dustless sanding system works well because:

  • The sanding pad is larger than normal sand paper, so it means that a larger area is sanded at any one time.
  • The way in which the system is used means that the sanding pad glides over the walls and wood work, not allowing for sanding lines or areas where the surface is smoother than another.
  • A filtration system filters away the sanding particles and dust which has additional benefits. These include reduced mess and disruption for clients whilst allowing our skilled operatives to complete their work without having their vision impaired by dust.

Decorator WilmslowSanding walls CheshireThis image on the left shows how the sanding system smooths away areas that may have not even been seen by the naked eye. It produces a beautifully smooth finish in order to be repainted. The image on the right shows the completed work and the incredible finishes achieved, as standard.

This forms part of our superior service and shows one of the ways in which we go the extra mile to deliver brilliant finishes. Your decorating project is our passion and we aim to be the best at what we do whilst offering value for money.

Please call today to arrange a quotation; feel free to email us on [email protected] or call 01477 535862. Our decorating blog shows some of our recent and local decorating projects. We work regularly throughout Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Holmes Chapel and the surrounding areas.

Decorator Holmes Chapel

By Jill Simpson On October 9, 2017 No Comments

We have undertaken a number of local decorating projects over the last few weeks. We have redecorated a hall stairs and landing to provide a light and fresh space for new homeowners in Somerford. We have also supported a returning client in her ambitious project of adding character to her new home.

She made contact with us confirming that she was moving house and her new build property lacked character. She wanted to inject her personal touch with the application of many feature walls. This included the selection of eight individual wallpaper designs for these particular rooms.

What help was needed?

Our client discussed the fact that she needed our assistance in selecting the wallpapers. It was decided that we would both accompany her to our suppliers and help to select the wallpapers for each of her rooms.

Decorators Holmes ChapelWhile our client had a clear image of what design she wanted for each room, we had to identify a wallpaper that would fit with her previously selected colour scheme. This is another example of how we take great pride in our work.

We realise that the selection of such an amount of wallpapers is a large undertaking. This is why we offered our support in completing this part of the project. It was very much appreciated and the selection was made quickly and efficiently.

Images of the completed work will follow on shortly. However, this is why we feel strongly that we are the best local decorator. We really do value your custom so want your experience to be positive. We will do all we can to support you through the process and will follow this on by the delivery of exceptional finishes.

Are you considering redecorating your home? Do you feel as though you could add character with the selection of a few beautiful and unique wallpaper designs? Please contact us today to arrange a quotation on 01477 535862.

Refreshing Redecoration Handforth

By Jill Simpson On September 7, 2017 No Comments

It is always greatly appreciated when we receive a call from an existing client that they have more redecorating work that they would like us to complete. We really do enjoy staying in contact with all of our clients and it means a lot that they have selected us once again.

Decorating Preparation CheshireThis particular project was to strip, prepare and redecorate our client’s lounge. During the quotation process, the following work was outlined:

  • Strip the wallpaper to three of their walls
  • The walls and woodwork would then be fully prepared
  • Once this was completed the walls would then be cross lined
  • Two coats of white emulsion was then applied to the coving
  • Crosslining walls CheshireThree coats of emulsion was then applied to the walls and ceilings
  • Undercoat and white gloss was then applied to all of the woodwork throughout the room

Our client wanted to add character to the room so made the decision that he wanted the ceiling painted in a coloured emulsion.

He also selected to have the coving painted white so it provided a contrast to the surrounding areas.

Decorator HandforthThe images take you through the process of the project. The first image shows the walls when they had been fully stripped. At this point it is often difficult to ever imagine the room in a completed state. Essentially things have to get worse before they get better.

The walls were then fully prepared in order to be crossed lined. The second image shows the room when it was cross-lined. This part of the process is incredibly important as experience in cross lining allows us the opportunity to create a truly flawless finish once the paint is applied.

The third image shows the completed room. Are you looking for a quote to redecorate your home? Call today on 01477 535862 and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Home Redecoration Project Mottram St Andrew

By Jill Simpson On August 20, 2017 No Comments

We were approached to assist our client in the redecoration of their entire home in Mottram St Andrew. This beautiful and characterful property had been decorated throughout but needed updating. It was clear on approaching this project that newly decorated rooms would transform the property.

During the quotation process, colour choices were discussed. Our client already knew the colour selection for each of the individual rooms. We advised the use a strong white on the ceilings to ensure that the best possible appearance was achieved. It would offer a more modern look and one that would fit better with the eclectic design of this home.

Statement Colours CheshirePart of this project was the redecoration of their downstairs WC. Similar colour choices were selected for the walls and ceiling as for other rooms of the home.

Our client then decided to select a statement colour for the wooden panelling. This statement colour was used in another room of the house for a feature wall. This is a very clever way over tying rooms together. Careful consideration offers a real difference.

Time taken at this stage will:

  • Ensure that the colour choices are correct
  • Allow you the opportunity of researching different types of paint
  • Make sure that the results are exactly as you expect

There are many elements of decorating that can be taken for granted. Attention to detail with regards to these aspects offer a truly long-lasting and impressive finish. What is included in this? This may come down to products, techniques, equipment and tools. Each of these elements play a pivotal part in achieving an exceptional finish.

Are you considering a decorating project? Are you looking for support with regards to this process? We will always go the extra mile to make sure that you feel well supported, whilst achieving a result that meets your expectations. Call today on 01477 535862 for more information.

Home Redecoration Holmes Chapel

By Jill Simpson On July 25, 2017 No Comments

Are you struggling with colour choice? Are you unsure of how best to approach your home redecoration project?

It is always advisable to seek for help. We are based in Somerford, Cheshire and work throughout Cheshire including Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. A huge majority of our work is based in Wilmslow and Alderley Edge our Company first started there many years ago.

Home Redecoration Holmes ChapelWe have since moved to Somerford but remain to have a large customer base in these areas. The first port of call is to enquire. We have built up a range of ways in which you can enquire with us, whether it is via the phone, e-mail or by our contact form. You can also use any of our social media accounts to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Once this has been done we will come out to view the work that you require. This is your opportunity to tell us what you have planned and whether you have any previously selected colour choices. If you are looking for an area to be wallpapered then the process to achieve the best result will be considered.

Knowledge Is Power…

It may be that your walls need lining and this will be fully discussed prior to creating your quotation. Your quotation is then produced and e-mailed over for you to view. This document contains an outline of the work that will be completed.

We are reminded on some occasions about the poor-quality workmanship that can be offered by less-professional companies. This saddens us to think that our trade is being tarnished by such organisations and we are proud to offer a service that reinstates confidence in the high-quality finishes that can be achieved.

Don’t be put off by asking questions; it is our job to offer assurance to you, our valued client. Contact us today on 01477 535862.

Exceptional Reviews

By Jill Simpson On June 14, 2017 No Comments

We take great pride in supporting our clients through their redecoration project with us. Part of this is handing over their completed room/s and part of this is ongoing care.

Decorators Holmes ChapelFurthermore, when you truly care about the results that you deliver, it can be clearly seen by our clients. We have been fortunate enough to receive many incredible reviews and testimonials over our years in business. Never has this been more apparent in today’s increasingly technological world.

For Companies such as ours this is a great thing because it allows our clients to provide an independent review of our services. Such reviews can be left via Google or many other social media and directory platforms.

One of our recent reviewers commented:

“Outstanding!! Chris has done a lot of work in our home over the years and is always courteous and friendly. His work is truly professional all finished to a high standard and always cleans up after each day. Jill who manages the diary and paperwork is also extremely helpful and replies quickly to all queries. Really can’t recommend them enough!”

It is about effectively awarding individuals a voice. It also helps other prospective clients to find out more about how we run our business.

Another client commented:

“Chris and Laurence did a very good and quick job on our hall stairs and landing, preparing and lining the walls and ceiling before painting and papering. Would certainly consider them for any other work we require.”

We have a focus on traditional values: best trade practices, customer service and creative solutions, tailored to individual clients. We market ourselves towards clients who want high-quality work at a price they can afford.

Are you considering a decorating project? Would you like to arrange a no obligation quotation? Please call today on 01477 535862 and we will be happy to support you through the process.

Decorating Services Cheshire

By Jill Simpson On June 6, 2017 No Comments

What makes a good decorator? This is often a question we consider when discussing different elements of our decorating services with our clients. What do we believe makes a good decorator? Here’s our thoughts.

A Good Decorator:

Decorating Services CheshireCarefully considers design:

This means that we will discuss all elements of design with you. We will help to guide you to the point of making an informed decision about your decorating project. This may mean discussing elements you may not have considered or were not sure if you could achieve. We always say that design is individual and it is important that your design aspirations are met through the redecoration work. We take time to make sure that the end result is the best-possible.

Ensures we are equipped to offer comprehensive services:

Decorator CheshireFrom the point that you enquire you will be guided through the process with ease and simplicity. Our decorating services are extensive and this means that all design elements can be achieved through the redecoration of your home or business.

We recently completed this project as part of a larger job. Our clients needed help in concealing a space that had previously been covered. It was decided that we would create a practical and attractive solution for this structural requirement.

That we are equipped with the skillset required:

Girls Bedroom CheshireProfessional decorating is a skill. We take great pride in our work and the high-quality that we achieve. Whether you are considering wallpapering, lining, painting or any other decorating element; it is vitally important to find an expert who has time-served experience.

Attention to detail will provide an exceptional finish. Any work that we put our name to will be of the highest-quality.

Are on hand to offer information and answer questions:

Wherever possible we will always be on hand to offer information and help throughout the process. The lead up to any redecoration project can sometimes involve questions and the requirement for support. We are here to help. This is where we set ourselves apart; we offer a professional and friendly approach and this is followed through to completion of the work and beyond. We care about our customers and their journey in dealing with our Company.

Call today on 01477 535862 to arrange a quotation at a time convenient for you.

Home Redecoration Alderley Edge

By Jill Simpson On February 8, 2017 No Comments

Home redecoration is more than the application of paint onto walls. It is more than the selection of wallpaper and choice of coloured paint. It is often about creating a fresh, new space for your home. Life is often so busy that our surroundings sink into the back ground. This, however, offers us the opportunity of true appreciation when considering a redecoration project.

We completed this work for a returning client of ours. The redecoration work was part of a larger renovation project. As well as the room redecoration our client was getting new carpets, new sofa suits and new curtains. This would offer an exciting transformation to her home.

Redecoration Images

House Redecoration Cheshire House Redecoration Alderley EdgeThese images show just a couple of rooms that were redecorated during this project. The full venture included two lounges, a bedroom, an office and utility room. Other rooms had been decorated previously.

Part of our work involves other elements such as making good after other trades have been present. The other work including stripping the walls of old wallpaper. We then worked to prepare the walls, ceiling and wood work. The walls were then cross lined in preparation for the application of emulsion. The ceilings were painted and all wood work finished with undercoat and satin wood.

Home Redecoration Cheshire Home Redecoration Alderley EdgeWe were also employed to skim the ceilings in one room and box in pipework in another. This is all part of the reason why we aim to exceed expectations at every opportunity. This is proof of our ability to offer comprehensive services for interior redecoration.

It may be that you wish to take on a redecoration project in phases. We are able to offer a flexible approach and will offer information and advice where possible.

We are able to co-ordinate different trades. This offers a turn-key solution to your home redecoration. Please call today on 01477 535862.

Reputable Decorators Wilmslow

By Jill Simpson On June 12, 2016 No Comments

There is a growing trend for the creation a large living space. This is usually done by joining the kitchen, dining and living room together. Whether this is through an extension or refurbishment, it creates an area where the family can join together in their own independent tasks.

We were contacted by this client; they were completing a large refurbishment and had invested a large amount of money on creating their perfect space. They were self-proclaimed perfectionists and were incredibly concerned about the workmanship of their existing decorator.

Decorating Services Cheshire Reputable Decorator Cheshire







They had all of the walls freshly plastered so that they could be painted to offer a smooth and flawless finish. Their previous decorator had started to paint the walls and left them incredibly rough in texture.

We visited to offer information and advice on how best to proceed. They were so relieved to have our support and requested our decorating services. We were able to fit their work around our existing commitments.

Firstly we used our virtually dust free sanding system to prepare the walls. This took them back to the smooth finish required. If the sanding system had not been used, it would have been very clear that hand sanding had taken place which would have offered a less than satisfactory finish.

Decorators Wilmslow Decorator Wilmslow







It is a brilliant opportunity to work with clients with similar standards as shared appreciation is possible. Are you looking for a decorator in Cheshire that has exceptionally high standards? We would welcome the opportunity to work with you; please call today on 01606 831255.

Our finish reflected their exact requirements and they were so pleased with the result. Once the work was finished they were able to move back into their home to enjoy their new living space.

Decorator Alderley Edge

By Jill Simpson On October 15, 2015 No Comments

We were invited to complete a quotation in this beautiful home in Alderley Edge. Our clients spoke to us about their concerns as they ran a busy family home with young children and a dog.

From our initial conversation it was identified that they felt daunted about the decisions they had to make with regards to decorating choices.

An important element of this is the paint choice; when running a busy home it is important that the paint finish is scrubbable. There are paint variations available that will enable you to wipe clean the walls should you find messy fingerprints on them.

Decorators Alderley EdgeThey key, once selecting the best finish for your redecoration project, is the necessary preparation. This is one of the areas where we excel at offering a superior services. Substandard preparation will offer an unsatisfactory finish.

Ensuring that the appropriate level of preparation is completed allows a brilliant starting point. We offer a virtually dustless sanding system where possible to reduce the level of dust debris created in the sanding process.

We discussed the paint colours available and they wanted a colour that would suitably balance with their wooden kitchen and floor. They wanted a bright colour that would lift the feel of the room and compliment the size of the space that was being redecorated.

Decorating Top Tips:

  • Make sure that you invest time in identifying a colour choice that you are confident with. Sample books and colour swatches can be used to offer advice on singular colours and colours that work well with each other. We will always discuss your options in detail and will offer advice when needed.
  • Lower-quality paint is unlikely to stand up to the ever day usage of a busy home. It is also likely that more coats will be required offering false economy.

If you are looking for a reputable decorator serving Alderley Edge we invite you to call us today on 01606 831255. We will ensure to offer support to ensure that your queries are answered comprehensively.

Decorating Services Wilmslow

By Jill Simpson On April 30, 2015 No Comments

We are exceptionally proud of the work that we complete and the standards of finishes that we achieve whilst supporting our clients through the process of their redecoration project.

We have been so fortunate this year to experience demand that has surpassed any previous year and to achieve such high rates of repeat custom.

We are constantly trying to think of ways in which we can exceed the expectations of our clients and use them as our focus for all decision-making.

Redecoration Alderley EdgeWe are currently undertaking a large renovation project in Wilmslow, Cheshire. The job started off as a relatively straightforward redecoration throughout and the owner has now extended this to a full restoration of this exquisite Georgian property. The outcome is sure to be outstanding.

We are working closely with the homeowner to achieve the best possible results; colour choices and paint selection are pivotal to the overall success.

The job has to be handled in a way that is respectful to its heritage and should draw out and showcase the features of this stunning property.

This has meant that the detailing has played an important role in paint choices and design aspirations. The project is ongoing and we look forward to showcasing the end results later in the year.

We often look into feedback from our clients and high levels of repeat custom that we achieve and we have identified the following:

  • House Redecoration WilmslowWe commit to an extremely high-quality of workmanship
  • We are well-informed about all aspects of painting and decorating
  • We treat our clients with respect and courtesy
  • We work hard to answer questions and queries promptly and efficiently
  • Our focus is our clients and this offers us the challenge of exceeding their expectations to earn their ongoing trust

If you would like to enquire about redecorating your home we invite you to call on 01606 831255. We try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Wallpapering Techniques Alderley Edge

By Jill Simpson On March 5, 2015 No Comments

These images show part of a larger decorating job that we took on in Alderley Edge. This work was for one of our valued returning clients and formed just part of a much larger house renovation project.

Decorating Services Cheshire Decorating Services Alderley EdgeThe homeowners wanted to create a unique statement for their downstairs WC and chose a sophisticated and striking wallpaper pattern that would create this look. Wallpapering is a true art and a skill that, when completely correctly can create a seamlessly stunning room.

Exceptional attention to detail was offered in order to match the pattern throughout all areas of the room.

This room was a particular challenge as there were a number of areas that were boxed in. This required in-depth precision and care to ensure that the pattern flowed round each corner and onto the individual walls.

A high-grade grey wood work paint was selected to complement the walls and flooring. The end result was nothing short of amazing and our clients were so pleased with the standards of finish that we were able to offer. Even on close inspection they could not identify a seam!

Wallpaper pattern Cheshire Wallpaper pattern Alderley EdgeThis offers testament to the pride and care that we take in our work. We have built up a local reputation for offering prestige decorating services for clients. We are always happy to offer advice in colour selection and paint options.

Further to this, the image of this redecoration project was published in February’s issue of the Painting and Decorating Association, showcasing Vantage Decorators superior service.

If you would like to discuss wallpaper options or to arrange a free, no obligation quotation we invite you to call our helpful staff on 01606 831255. It is of our utmost priority to offer an unrivalled level of customer care and service.

Decorating Tips Cheshire

By Jill Simpson On January 13, 2015 No Comments

These pictures show a house redecoration job that we completed in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We have completed decorating work for this client previously and they invited us back to complete further work after being so pleased with our standard of workmanship.

Decorating Tips Cheshire Decorating Tips WilmslowPresentation is very important to our clients; they wanted to redecorate to reflect their immaculate and beautiful home. Their approach followed the ever popular thought of sticking to a muted palette of colour.

By selecting a gentle and subdued colour for the walls, it allowed the furnishings to create a statement. This also allowed the crisp, clean wood work to stand out. Each of the design elements of this house were carefully thought out and we worked alongside our client to offer advice to create a timeless look.

We all take great pride in our homes; they are an extension of our personal tastes and personalities. The redecoration process allows us to incorporate these elements into the presentation of our homes.

There are great variations of light and bright colours; each have their own hue and can be selected to carefully match and compliment your existing furnishings. Different tones and shades look different from room to room due to differing light sources.

Decorator Cheshire Decorator Wilmslow







A beneficial aspect is that interior design does not follow any hard-fast and specific rules. There are creative and explorative aspects that are employed, the basis of which stems from intuition!

Whether it’s layered lighting, varying scales, focal points or sight lines; the underlying approach needs to be personal.

Decorators Wilmslow Decorators Cheshire







The advice that we offer around paint colours and paint types follows this methodology. If you would like to request a free, no obligation quotation we invite you to call on 01606 831255. We offer a prestige and extremely high standard of workmanship.

Decorating Techniques Wilmslow

By Jill Simpson On December 10, 2014 No Comments

Our client had some home renovation work completed on their house in Wilmslow. We worked closely with them over the process of the project. Once the work had been completed we arranged to complete the redecoration work.

Paint Finishes Wilmslow Wallpapers Wilmslow






There were a number of rooms that required redecoration throughout this beautiful home. Our client had selected a comprehensive range of wallpapers for the individual rooms.

This included a woodland scene for their dining area, a bold print for their WC and some really stunning wallpapers for their child’s bedroom and play room.

Wallpaper Choices Cheshire Girls Wallpaper Cheshire






Creating features within your home allows you the opportunity to inject your personality. We used a variety of decorating techniques to ensure the best possible finish. This provides smooth surfaces with crisp, clean lines.

We have such high, exacting standards that we enjoy going the extra mile to ensure that we can exceed the expectations of our clients. This forms part of our business ethos in offering a service that we feel is second to none.

Bold Wallpaper Prints CheshireWe offered advice to use a scrubbable paint in certain areas of the house. Paint finishes and paint types play an important role in the overall success of any project.

Base coat was applied to the newly plastered areas and emulsion was used for both the ceilings and walls. All new wood work was primed, undercoated and finished with satin wood. Any areas that were being wallpapered were fully lined prior to any finish paper being applied.

We were also required to make good areas where the plasterer had not finished to our standards; this included additional preparation to other areas so that again, our superior finish could be achieved.

This project provides evidence of the range of decorating services that we can offer. If you would like to arrange a quotation please call us on 01606 831255; we will be happy to help you through the process of your redecoration project.

Room Design Great Warford

By Jill Simpson On November 27, 2014 No Comments

We take great pride in our decorating work and we find one of the greatest compliments is our incredibly high levels of returning customers. We have done a lot of work for this particular client in Great Warford, Cheshire.

Decorator Great WarfordFor this project we were approached to redecorate this playroom. Our clients have three children and they wanted the playroom to be an area that matched the age range of their maturing children. They looked at a variety of wallpaper designs and chose this bold print to create a statement for the room.

We discussed room design ideas with them and what colours would best work with the new wallpaper. There were other factors that we took into account with our advice; as well as colour choice, it was important that the client selected a srubbable paint that would stand the test of time in an area that was used so regularly.

Room Design Great WarfordThis beautiful home has so much character and the end result was a room that was both functional and sophisticated. All fitted storage was skilfully and carefully repainted with light and bright tones. The window and window surround were redecorated and our client was really pleased with the end result.

If you would like to discuss some play room ideas that you have, our friendly staff take great enjoyment in offering the help required to support the process from initial enquiry to completion of the work and beyond.

Feel free to call us on 01606 831255 to discuss your plans and we will work to arrange a quotation that is at a time convenient for you. We have a range of contact methods in the aim of making contact as easy and straight forward as possible.

Home Ideas Wilmslow

By Jill Simpson On October 22, 2014 No Comments

With the initial thought of redecoration of your home comes a series of queries and actions. Some of which seem simple and some seem more complicated and uncertain. Part of home design service is our innovative approach to room ideas, room design and ideas for house décor.

Home Ideas WilmslowThis comes through a consideration of colour choices, types of paints and many other details. The smallest elements of any job can provide sure-fired success and this has to come from a mix of experience and a sheer passion to deliver superior finishes for all of our clients.

It is often the case that our clients feel a real benefit from a discussion of the above elements. This was certainly the case on this external redecoration job that we completed in Wilmslow. When we first arrived at the property, the owner was unsure of their options with regards to paint choices.

Home Decor WilmslowThey wanted a design that was a little bit different and one that would stand the test of time. After deliberation it was decided that they would go for a light grey exterior paint colour. The gutters, facia, soffits, door frame, garage door and top masonry were all fully painted and the result created a statement that they were incredibly proud of.

Redecoration WilmslowOur homes are an extension of our personal tastes and preferences and it is a great opportunity to create a style that is tailored to you. Whether you are looking for a modern or a traditional feel, we work to identify the best alternatives to achieve that.

If you would like to discuss the options available for house redecoration we invite you to call Vantage Decorators on 01606 831255.

Our approach is one of utmost professionalism; one which we find is commented on regularly. We make sure to treat your property with respect, as if it was our own and make sure to clean up after ourselves. Keep up to date with some of our recent decorating projects on our blog and via our Facebook page!

Wallpapering Tips Bramhall

By Jill Simpson On May 24, 2014 No Comments

Applying wallpaper is a real art and both in-depth knowledge and experience makes a real difference to the overall success of the job. We are extremely proud to offer unrivalled finishes for jobs where wallpapering is required.

Wallpapering Inspiration CheshireBest Decorator CheshireWe were invited to quote for a large decorating job in Bramhall. This client had found us through our website and felt instantly assured by the information available on our decorating services. We went out to quote for the work quickly; due to the size of the job, this client requested references for work that we had previously completed which we were happy to provide.

Decorating a hallway can feel like a difficult process purely because there are a lot of elements that you need to think about. This is usually a high traffic area of the home that experiences some of the most wear-and-tear. This client decided that she wanted wallpaper to be applied throughout the hall, stairs and landing. She also wanted all doors, spindles and wood work to be painted too. The hallway was fully stripped, lined and papered throughout. (more…)

Decorator Cheshire

By Jill Simpson On May 24, 2014 No Comments

We have just taken delivery of our newest sign, promoting Vantage Decorators while we work!

We often find that when we are completing decorating work throughout Cheshire that we are frequently invited to quote for neighbouring customers.

Decorator Alderley EdgeIt is often the case that potential clients get comfort and confidence employing a local decorator that their neighbours are using.

We also find that it is important that clients can find a host of information about your company and the services that you provide. Our website is our chance to do this and we use every opportunity to offer assurance that we offer a professional decorating service.

When you initially enquire you will speak with Jill; your e-mails will be responded to quickly and efficiently and your phone calls returned at our earliest convenience. Jill aims to offer a superior service that means questions are answered promptly and a quotation is arranged at a time convenient for you.

Chris will then come and quote for the work; he will be on hand to answer questions that you have about the external or interior decorating process and will be happy to give information and advice.

A quotation will then either be e-mailed or mailed to you. From this point we will manage any further support and assistance as a team and this continues through the completion of the work and beyond. Offering a first-class customer service is vital to the success of our decorating company and we strive to offer the best level of service achievable.

For more information or design ideas please contact 01606 831255 today.

What sets our Decorating Services apart from our Competition?

By Jill Simpson On February 26, 2014 No Comments

We are aware that decorating is a competitive trade with many local companies available; it is not our place to identify areas others fall short in, but it is well-worth us outlining the areas where we feel we excel.

We constantly look to ‘exceed expectations’ where possible from the point of an initial enquiry through to completion of the work and beyond. How do we manage this?

Decorating Services Knutsford– We make sure to get back client enquiries quickly; from this point we aim to arrange a quotation date and time that is suitable and convenient for our clients. We are punctual, courteous and reliable.

– We offer each and every client assurance through regular communication through phone and e-mail; if our clients have questions we offer a fast and efficient service to answer questions and offer information, if required. Our clients are very important to us and making their experience of employing our decorating services a positive one, is pivotal to our ethos. (more…)

Home Decorating Alderley Edge

By Jill Simpson On January 14, 2014 No Comments

We were invited to this property in Alderley Edge; our client wanted us to redecorate two bedrooms, a dressing room and their en-suite. The rooms were newly refurbished and had new plaster, picture rails, door frames and skirting boards.

When we went to complete the quotation we took time to listen to the requirements of our customer; it is important that we tailor our services to make sure that we achieve the best possible results.

Home redecoration Alderley EdgeProfessional decoator Alderley Edge






On discussion, it was identified that this client had recently had another decorator in to complete some work that they were dissatisfied with the finish quality. We make sure to offer confidence and reassurance to clients in their every dealing with Vantage Decorators. This is managed naturally through all of our approaches. (more…)

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