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Archive for the ‘Bedroom Decorating’ Category

Stylish and Unique Wallpaper

By Jill Simpson On August 25, 2017 No Comments

When planning a redecoration project, you are likely to go through a series of decisions. One of these may be the choice as to whether you want to apply wallpaper as part of your redesign. Part of this decision-making process is the fact that this will increase the cost of your project.

Choosing wallpaper CheshireSome may be confident that this is well-worth the cost and will know exactly what wallpaper they want. Some may need support in selecting which wallpaper is best-suited to their specific project. Either way we will offer advice that will help the process.

Are there any other factors that need to be discussed?

The quality of your walls will play an important role in what preparation is needed. Finish papers will more than likely need to be lined prior to application. Other papers, such as blown vinyl may not need to be lined prior to application. Again, this is an area to which we will provide detail about that will further benefit your work.

Bedroom Decorating Inspiration:

Stylish wallpaper CheshireWe were asked to redecorate this bedroom in Mottram St Andrew. The paper was selected from Farrow and Ball. We offered guidance with regards to the amount of wallpaper to purchase.

This can sometimes be quite a challenge for our clients as it is common place with many suppliers that you cannot return your unused wallpaper rolls.

Why is this?

Essentially higher quality rolls of wallpaper are made in batches. This means there may be very slight alterations between batch numbers. Although many of us may not tell these minor imperfections or slight colour changes; to the trained eye they are prevalent.

Unique wallpaper CheshireSome individual rolls of wallpaper can be costly so it is therefore important to ensure you order the right amount. Too little and you will be left short and too much and you will be left out of pocket.

This decorating project showed evidence of how a room can be transformed with beautiful and unique wallpaper designs.

Careful selection of your wallpaper designs will make such a difference and this paper truly matched the unique style of this characterful home.

Call Vantage Decorators today to arrange a decorating quote on 01477 535862. These are designed in order to provide advice in relation to your decorating project whilst also offering inspiration from projects we have previously completed.

How to Decorate a Room

By Jill Simpson On May 3, 2017 No Comments

The question of how to decorate a room is a straightforward one. Generally, the process follows similar steps but care and consideration into each of these steps will make a difference. It is vitally important that one the decorating work is complete that the paintwork is seamlessly smooth.

We recently completed this redecoration project in Somerford, Cheshire. Our clients wanted an injection of colour into their little girl’s bedroom. To start with we boarded one wall. The original skirting was removed prior to work commencing. Decorating preparation is key!

Home Decorating Cheshire How to decorate Cheshire






Once the wall was fully boarded it was then meticulously skimmed in order to achieve a beautifully smooth finish. The wall was then left to fully dry with the aid of our driers. This speeds up the process and minimises disruption for our clients.

Decorating Preparation CheshireOnce the wall was fully dried the skirting boards were replaced, the walls fully caulked and everywhere sanded in preparation for the new paint. A modern pink shade was chosen and this was complimented with a light grey ceiling and grey woodwork. The combination made an incredible statement once completed with all soft furnishings matching these colour choices.

Decorating girl’s bedrooms can sometimes be a challenge due to the fact that tastes change and fashions quickly come in and out of favour. Our advice would be to keep the walls and wood work relatively neutral and go use furnishings and framed prints to add character. These are much easier to change than a total room redecoration.

Bedroom Design Cheshire Girls Bedroom Cheshire






Have you got younger children? It may also be worth considering, as these clients did, to invest in a wipeable paint. We are able to offer a colour-match service with the option of this paint alternative.

Our aim is to make sure that you get the most out of your redecoration project and to achieve your vision with ease and simplicity. We will always do all we can to support the process; please call today on 01477 535862 to discuss your project.

Decorating Techniques Wilmslow

By Jill Simpson On December 10, 2014 No Comments

Our client had some home renovation work completed on their house in Wilmslow. We worked closely with them over the process of the project. Once the work had been completed we arranged to complete the redecoration work.

Paint Finishes Wilmslow Wallpapers Wilmslow






There were a number of rooms that required redecoration throughout this beautiful home. Our client had selected a comprehensive range of wallpapers for the individual rooms.

This included a woodland scene for their dining area, a bold print for their WC and some really stunning wallpapers for their child’s bedroom and play room.

Wallpaper Choices Cheshire Girls Wallpaper Cheshire






Creating features within your home allows you the opportunity to inject your personality. We used a variety of decorating techniques to ensure the best possible finish. This provides smooth surfaces with crisp, clean lines.

We have such high, exacting standards that we enjoy going the extra mile to ensure that we can exceed the expectations of our clients. This forms part of our business ethos in offering a service that we feel is second to none.

Bold Wallpaper Prints CheshireWe offered advice to use a scrubbable paint in certain areas of the house. Paint finishes and paint types play an important role in the overall success of any project.

Base coat was applied to the newly plastered areas and emulsion was used for both the ceilings and walls. All new wood work was primed, undercoated and finished with satin wood. Any areas that were being wallpapered were fully lined prior to any finish paper being applied.

We were also required to make good areas where the plasterer had not finished to our standards; this included additional preparation to other areas so that again, our superior finish could be achieved.

This project provides evidence of the range of decorating services that we can offer. If you would like to arrange a quotation please call us on 01606 831255; we will be happy to help you through the process of your redecoration project.

Girls Bedroom Ideas Alderley Edge

By Jill Simpson On September 25, 2014 No Comments

The choice of possible wallpapers is vast when contemplating a redecoration project for your child’s bedroom. We are happy to discuss bedroom ideas and will always work to guide your choices in order to achieve the best possible finish.

Girls Bedroom Ideas Alderley EdgeWe are specially trained in the best methods of how to hang wallpaper. Each wallpaper is different and requires a tailored approach on how best to apply it. Hanging wallpaper is a real art and our experience has ensured that we are able to offer a professional and seamless finish.

We were approached to redecorate this little girls’ bedroom in Alderley Edge. Their daughter loved Peppa Pig and they had selected a wallpaper that they knew that she would love. The colours they selected perfectly complimented the wallpaper and created a beautiful space.

We all like to provide our children with a special, personalised bedroom. We take pride our high standards and aim to offer the best possible professional service achievable.

If you would like to discuss ideas, we take the time at the point of quotation to deliberate all options. We take into account the type of room and usage to provide you with advice on paint finishes.

We invite you to call on 01606 831255 to arrange a quotation. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Home Decorating Alderley Edge

By Jill Simpson On January 14, 2014 No Comments

We were invited to this property in Alderley Edge; our client wanted us to redecorate two bedrooms, a dressing room and their en-suite. The rooms were newly refurbished and had new plaster, picture rails, door frames and skirting boards.

When we went to complete the quotation we took time to listen to the requirements of our customer; it is important that we tailor our services to make sure that we achieve the best possible results.

Home redecoration Alderley EdgeProfessional decoator Alderley Edge






On discussion, it was identified that this client had recently had another decorator in to complete some work that they were dissatisfied with the finish quality. We make sure to offer confidence and reassurance to clients in their every dealing with Vantage Decorators. This is managed naturally through all of our approaches. (more…)

Bedroom Decorating Ideas Middlewich

By Jill Simpson On May 24, 2013 No Comments

bedroom decorating MiddlewichDecorating your home with the help of a time-served professional is a hugely rewarding and exciting process. From the initial point of picking colour schemes and decorative items through to finding an expert who will hold your hand through the process and deliver a result that can’t be rivalled.

Vantage Decorator’s experience has allowed us to offer impartial, relevant advice. We take the time to offer as much or as little advice needed. It is likely that when contemplating decorating your bedrooms that you will be looking to personalise the spaces, making them individual. (more…)

Wall Papering – How This Room Decorating Idea Will Benefit Your Home

By Jill Simpson On November 19, 2012 No Comments

Decorator Wilmslow CheshireWallpaper has come in and out of fashion, but whether it is bold prints, intriguing texture or a beautiful floral design that you’re looking for; the huge variety of wall papers available allows a contemporary and individual interior design result. Professional wall paper hangers will have the benefit of time-served knowledge and decorating tips to ensure the best possible result for your home.

A house becomes a home with an injection of your individual personality and avoidance of bland walls will reduce the likelihood of stark spaces. Wall papering is a fun and imaginative and provides an answer to match every budget possible. Design and texture will add inspiration to any room where wall paper is used. (more…)

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