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Questions to Ask Your Decorator

When considering your decorating project, the focus is often placed on finding a decorator and getting a date booked in. Taking into account the fact that many reputable decorators are generally booked up in advance, preparation into what questions to ask will support the process immensely.

Being prepared will mean that you get more out of the entire process. It could also mean that you achieve a superior result as you may find information that will alter what paint choices you make (for example). We have put together some questions that may support you through the process prior to booking in a date for your redecoration work.

When could the work be booked into start?

Decorator WilmslowIt is wise to ask about anticipated start dates as this allows you to forecast both for your budget and for your schedule. Rooms may need to be cleared prior to the start date so it is important that you find a date with your decorator that meets your expectations and allows you enough time to plan successfully.

What paint choices are available?

There is a huge variation on paint choices. This includes colours, paint finishes and makes. Speaking about what finish you want and whether you want scrubbable colours may help determine which paint makes you can select from. Can you save money by colour matching? The best outcome is one that you are pleased with and that will stand the test of time. You are then getting true value for money.

What limitations may there be for my project?

This is a really important question. There may be limitations to your project or there may not but asking the question is always wise. You may be looking to achieve a seamlessly smooth paint finish but have walls that are pitted, have been previously covered by wallpaper or may just have the character of old properties. Even with the use of our dustless sanding system, a totally flat and perfectly flawless finish may not be achievable. There are other options available to you; this may mean that lining the walls would improve the appearance.

Would you like to arrange a decorating quotation? Call today on 0800 917 4240.

Driven by Décor

When completing any home decorating projects, it is important to draw on our experience. This allows us to quickly identify any issues that may occur throughout the process. It also means that we are in the best position to offer advice to make sure the best finish is achieved.

Decorator WilmslowOne of the best compliments visitors to your home can offer is the fact that it is warm and welcoming. Does this mean that you need to select warm colours? Not always. Other ways include wallpapering feature walls, soft furnishings and other homely additions.

So many of our clients comment on the transformation that is achieved through redecoration.

Décor can lighten and brighten a room instantly. Those kitchen cupboards you once though were drab can be given a lease of new life. Suddenly your spirits are lifted, simply by a clean and freshly decorated room.

What else drives us?

We are driven to be meticulous; in our approach to decorating and for the service that you receive. While we complete your redecoration project we promise to:

  • Decorators WilmslowArrive on time
  • Respect your home
  • Keep mess and disruption to a minimum
  • Offer you brilliant finishes
  • Work hard to earn your custom for life

This means that we are delivering quality results, while still achieving a cost-effective service. These images show a project we completed in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Are you considering redecorating a room and would like to request a quotation? The process is easy:

Feel free to contact us via our website or by calling 01477 535862. We will then arrange a time that is convenient for you to come and view the work. You will then receive a written quotation, outlining the work and the cost. We are then on hand to help with any questions you may have.

We are quality decorators serving Cheshire; contact us today for more information.

The Secret to Achieving Superior Decorating Finishes

There are many elements of the decorating process that help to ensure a smooth and seamless finish for your walls and wood work. An incredibly important part of this is the use of a dustless sanding system.

How to sand wallsOnly the best-served professionals use this system. Why? As a system it is expensive, but it is an investment as it undoubtedly offers a better finish than regular hand sanding. Hand sanding is effective in eradicating imperfections in walls.

However, when you consider how the motion is completed then you are able to imagine why it may offer an inferior result. The dustless sanding system works well because:

  • The sanding pad is larger than normal sand paper, so it means that a larger area is sanded at any one time.
  • The way in which the system is used means that the sanding pad glides over the walls and wood work, not allowing for sanding lines or areas where the surface is smoother than another.
  • A filtration system filters away the sanding particles and dust which has additional benefits. These include reduced mess and disruption for clients whilst allowing our skilled operatives to complete their work without having their vision impaired by dust.

Decorator WilmslowSanding walls CheshireThis image on the left shows how the sanding system smooths away areas that may have not even been seen by the naked eye. It produces a beautifully smooth finish in order to be repainted. The image on the right shows the completed work and the incredible finishes achieved, as standard.

This forms part of our superior service and shows one of the ways in which we go the extra mile to deliver brilliant finishes. Your decorating project is our passion and we aim to be the best at what we do whilst offering value for money.

Please call today to arrange a quotation; feel free to email us on [email protected] or call 01477 535862. Our decorating blog shows some of our recent and local decorating projects. We work regularly throughout Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Holmes Chapel and the surrounding areas.

How to Create the Perfectly Co-ordinated Room

Creating the perfectly co-ordinated space can be a challenge for some homeowners. Without starting from scratch, there are ways in which you can update a space to achieve this co-ordinated look.

This week we have been working in Somerford for a client who was looking to inject a bit of character into her new build property. Although new build properties are fresh, clean and crisp they often lack a softness that can be achieved with redecoration. This redecoration can be in the form of soft, subtle colours or beautiful wallpapers.

How to create that co-ordinated look:

There will be some larger pieces of furniture that you may be looking to keep. These are larger investments so it may not be possible or feasible to change these with your redecoration project. Therefore, it is important to find areas of the room that can be altered with ease.

Decorator Holmes ChapelThese may be:

  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Ornaments
  • Light fixtures
  • Table lamps
  • Pictures
  • Mirrors

It is good advice not just to stick with one colour for a room. This picture appropriately shows that a range of colours, carefully co-ordinated can create a much more interesting space. Our client had selected some beautiful patterned pillows that brought another dimension to the room.

The wallpaper application was the last part of the job. She asked us to wallpaper a number of rooms in her home and the results were incredible. The rooms were immediately softer and made the difference between a house and a home.

Time invested in finding the right wallpaper to compliment all of the other elements of the room clearly paid dividends as the end result was a light and inviting space.

Our tip: don’t worry if you make mistakes! Co-ordinating a room is not an exact science. Concentrating on smaller items means that if mistakes are made that they can be easily fixed. Call Vantage Decorators Ltd today to request a quotation on 01477 535862.

Decorator Holmes Chapel

We have undertaken a number of local decorating projects over the last few weeks. We have redecorated a hall stairs and landing to provide a light and fresh space for new homeowners in Somerford. We have also supported a returning client in her ambitious project of adding character to her new home.

She made contact with us confirming that she was moving house and her new build property lacked character. She wanted to inject her personal touch with the application of many feature walls. This included the selection of eight individual wallpaper designs for these particular rooms.

What help was needed?

Our client discussed the fact that she needed our assistance in selecting the wallpapers. It was decided that we would both accompany her to our suppliers and help to select the wallpapers for each of her rooms.

Decorators Holmes ChapelWhile our client had a clear image of what design she wanted for each room, we had to identify a wallpaper that would fit with her previously selected colour scheme. This is another example of how we take great pride in our work.

We realise that the selection of such an amount of wallpapers is a large undertaking. This is why we offered our support in completing this part of the project. It was very much appreciated and the selection was made quickly and efficiently.

Images of the completed work will follow on shortly. However, this is why we feel strongly that we are the best local decorator. We really do value your custom so want your experience to be positive. We will do all we can to support you through the process and will follow this on by the delivery of exceptional finishes.

Are you considering redecorating your home? Do you feel as though you could add character with the selection of a few beautiful and unique wallpaper designs? Please contact us today to arrange a quotation on 01477 535862.

Refreshing Redecoration Handforth

It is always greatly appreciated when we receive a call from an existing client that they have more redecorating work that they would like us to complete. We really do enjoy staying in contact with all of our clients and it means a lot that they have selected us once again.

Decorating Preparation CheshireThis particular project was to strip, prepare and redecorate our client’s lounge. During the quotation process, the following work was outlined:

  • Strip the wallpaper to three of their walls
  • The walls and woodwork would then be fully prepared
  • Once this was completed the walls would then be cross lined
  • Two coats of white emulsion was then applied to the coving
  • Crosslining walls CheshireThree coats of emulsion was then applied to the walls and ceilings
  • Undercoat and white gloss was then applied to all of the woodwork throughout the room

Our client wanted to add character to the room so made the decision that he wanted the ceiling painted in a coloured emulsion.

He also selected to have the coving painted white so it provided a contrast to the surrounding areas.

Decorator HandforthThe images take you through the process of the project. The first image shows the walls when they had been fully stripped. At this point it is often difficult to ever imagine the room in a completed state. Essentially things have to get worse before they get better.

The walls were then fully prepared in order to be crossed lined. The second image shows the room when it was cross-lined. This part of the process is incredibly important as experience in cross lining allows us the opportunity to create a truly flawless finish once the paint is applied.

The third image shows the completed room. Are you looking for a quote to redecorate your home? Call today on 01477 535862 and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Stylish and Unique Wallpaper

When planning a redecoration project, you are likely to go through a series of decisions. One of these may be the choice as to whether you want to apply wallpaper as part of your redesign. Part of this decision-making process is the fact that this will increase the cost of your project.

Choosing wallpaper CheshireSome may be confident that this is well-worth the cost and will know exactly what wallpaper they want. Some may need support in selecting which wallpaper is best-suited to their specific project. Either way we will offer advice that will help the process.

Are there any other factors that need to be discussed?

The quality of your walls will play an important role in what preparation is needed. Finish papers will more than likely need to be lined prior to application. Other papers, such as blown vinyl may not need to be lined prior to application. Again, this is an area to which we will provide detail about that will further benefit your work.

Bedroom Decorating Inspiration:

Stylish wallpaper CheshireWe were asked to redecorate this bedroom in Mottram St Andrew. The paper was selected from Farrow and Ball. We offered guidance with regards to the amount of wallpaper to purchase.

This can sometimes be quite a challenge for our clients as it is common place with many suppliers that you cannot return your unused wallpaper rolls.

Why is this?

Essentially higher quality rolls of wallpaper are made in batches. This means there may be very slight alterations between batch numbers. Although many of us may not tell these minor imperfections or slight colour changes; to the trained eye they are prevalent.

Unique wallpaper CheshireSome individual rolls of wallpaper can be costly so it is therefore important to ensure you order the right amount. Too little and you will be left short and too much and you will be left out of pocket.

This decorating project showed evidence of how a room can be transformed with beautiful and unique wallpaper designs.

Careful selection of your wallpaper designs will make such a difference and this paper truly matched the unique style of this characterful home.

Call Vantage Decorators today to arrange a decorating quote on 01477 535862. These are designed in order to provide advice in relation to your decorating project whilst also offering inspiration from projects we have previously completed.

Home Redecoration Project Mottram St Andrew

We were approached to assist our client in the redecoration of their entire home in Mottram St Andrew. This beautiful and characterful property had been decorated throughout but needed updating. It was clear on approaching this project that newly decorated rooms would transform the property.

During the quotation process, colour choices were discussed. Our client already knew the colour selection for each of the individual rooms. We advised the use a strong white on the ceilings to ensure that the best possible appearance was achieved. It would offer a more modern look and one that would fit better with the eclectic design of this home.

Statement Colours CheshirePart of this project was the redecoration of their downstairs WC. Similar colour choices were selected for the walls and ceiling as for other rooms of the home.

Our client then decided to select a statement colour for the wooden panelling. This statement colour was used in another room of the house for a feature wall. This is a very clever way over tying rooms together. Careful consideration offers a real difference.

Time taken at this stage will:

  • Ensure that the colour choices are correct
  • Allow you the opportunity of researching different types of paint
  • Make sure that the results are exactly as you expect

There are many elements of decorating that can be taken for granted. Attention to detail with regards to these aspects offer a truly long-lasting and impressive finish. What is included in this? This may come down to products, techniques, equipment and tools. Each of these elements play a pivotal part in achieving an exceptional finish.

Are you considering a decorating project? Are you looking for support with regards to this process? We will always go the extra mile to make sure that you feel well supported, whilst achieving a result that meets your expectations. Call today on 01477 535862 for more information.

Home Redecoration Holmes Chapel

Are you struggling with colour choice? Are you unsure of how best to approach your home redecoration project?

It is always advisable to seek for help. We are based in Somerford, Cheshire and work throughout Cheshire including Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. A huge majority of our work is based in Wilmslow and Alderley Edge our Company first started there many years ago.

Home Redecoration Holmes ChapelWe have since moved to Somerford but remain to have a large customer base in these areas. The first port of call is to enquire. We have built up a range of ways in which you can enquire with us, whether it is via the phone, e-mail or by our contact form. You can also use any of our social media accounts to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Once this has been done we will come out to view the work that you require. This is your opportunity to tell us what you have planned and whether you have any previously selected colour choices. If you are looking for an area to be wallpapered then the process to achieve the best result will be considered.

Knowledge Is Power…

It may be that your walls need lining and this will be fully discussed prior to creating your quotation. Your quotation is then produced and e-mailed over for you to view. This document contains an outline of the work that will be completed.

We are reminded on some occasions about the poor-quality workmanship that can be offered by less-professional companies. This saddens us to think that our trade is being tarnished by such organisations and we are proud to offer a service that reinstates confidence in the high-quality finishes that can be achieved.

Don’t be put off by asking questions; it is our job to offer assurance to you, our valued client. Contact us today on 01477 535862.

Redecorating? Get Inspired!

This is an easy statement to make. But what does it mean? How do you find inspiration and how do you combine all of the ideas to create your perfect space?

Redecorating a room can come with some pressure in the fact that you are likely to have a vision. How do you make this vision a reality, whilst avoiding any prospect of over-busying the room? Colour choice is the best starting point for you.

When we discuss colour choices with our clients it is possible that they have preconceived ideas. This vision can sometimes guide us easily towards a colour selection. Or, it can do completely the opposite and end up being a completely different colour choice than originally considered.

Decorator Holmes ChapelSome of our best advice comes once the main wall colour is selected. So many of our clients automatically select white wood work or white ceilings. Our advice is to take your time and be creative. Possibly consider a stronger colour for your wood work and ceiling.

This does not necessarily mean a drastic colour selection; maybe just something that better suits your wall colour. A colour that will compliment this and offer a more timeless and unique feel.

Inspiration comes from everywhere; previous clients work, magazines, design websites and even other people. Inspiration for your newly decorated room does not necessarily equal bold print. It can, in fact, mean simple design.

We are always on hand to offer advice. This proves to be invaluable to our clients in their project is planned. We try really hard to make sure each of our clients have an extremely positive experience in dealing with our Company.

Can we help with a decorating project that you are considering? Please call us today on 01477 535862. Our decorating blog offers images of projects we have recently undertaken.

Exceptional Reviews

We take great pride in supporting our clients through their redecoration project with us. Part of this is handing over their completed room/s and part of this is ongoing care.

Decorators Holmes ChapelFurthermore, when you truly care about the results that you deliver, it can be clearly seen by our clients. We have been fortunate enough to receive many incredible reviews and testimonials over our years in business. Never has this been more apparent in today’s increasingly technological world.

For Companies such as ours this is a great thing because it allows our clients to provide an independent review of our services. Such reviews can be left via Google or many other social media and directory platforms.

One of our recent reviewers commented:

“Outstanding!! Chris has done a lot of work in our home over the years and is always courteous and friendly. His work is truly professional all finished to a high standard and always cleans up after each day. Jill who manages the diary and paperwork is also extremely helpful and replies quickly to all queries. Really can’t recommend them enough!”

It is about effectively awarding individuals a voice. It also helps other prospective clients to find out more about how we run our business.

Another client commented:

“Chris and Laurence did a very good and quick job on our hall stairs and landing, preparing and lining the walls and ceiling before painting and papering. Would certainly consider them for any other work we require.”

We have a focus on traditional values: best trade practices, customer service and creative solutions, tailored to individual clients. We market ourselves towards clients who want high-quality work at a price they can afford.

Are you considering a decorating project? Would you like to arrange a no obligation quotation? Please call today on 01477 535862 and we will be happy to support you through the process.

Decorating Services Cheshire

What makes a good decorator? This is often a question we consider when discussing different elements of our decorating services with our clients. What do we believe makes a good decorator? Here’s our thoughts.

A Good Decorator:

Decorating Services CheshireCarefully considers design:

This means that we will discuss all elements of design with you. We will help to guide you to the point of making an informed decision about your decorating project. This may mean discussing elements you may not have considered or were not sure if you could achieve. We always say that design is individual and it is important that your design aspirations are met through the redecoration work. We take time to make sure that the end result is the best-possible.

Ensures we are equipped to offer comprehensive services:

Decorator CheshireFrom the point that you enquire you will be guided through the process with ease and simplicity. Our decorating services are extensive and this means that all design elements can be achieved through the redecoration of your home or business.

We recently completed this project as part of a larger job. Our clients needed help in concealing a space that had previously been covered. It was decided that we would create a practical and attractive solution for this structural requirement.

That we are equipped with the skillset required:

Girls Bedroom CheshireProfessional decorating is a skill. We take great pride in our work and the high-quality that we achieve. Whether you are considering wallpapering, lining, painting or any other decorating element; it is vitally important to find an expert who has time-served experience.

Attention to detail will provide an exceptional finish. Any work that we put our name to will be of the highest-quality.

Are on hand to offer information and answer questions:

Wherever possible we will always be on hand to offer information and help throughout the process. The lead up to any redecoration project can sometimes involve questions and the requirement for support. We are here to help. This is where we set ourselves apart; we offer a professional and friendly approach and this is followed through to completion of the work and beyond. We care about our customers and their journey in dealing with our Company.

Call today on 01477 535862 to arrange a quotation at a time convenient for you.

Complimentary Colours

In all that we do, it is very straightforward to see that design is individual. This is part of why we love what we do. The quotation process and the time leading up to any decorating project starting is our opportunity to fully understand our clients’ individual needs.

The actual quotation process is an opportunity for our clients to get to know us and for us to get to know them. Once the works have been agreed it is then time to select colours or other design elements.

Some clients like our support in choosing paint colours for their project; others may not. Advice is always offered to ensure the best possible result is achieved.

Complimentary Colours CheshireWe recently completed a home redecoration project for a client in Sandbach, Cheshire. She had purchased a new home and took on the incredible job of designing the entire house. This image shows how an injection of colour, mixed with other carefully selected design elements can create a sumptuous and sophisticated space.

Yes, design is individual, but this is where ideas can be drawn from and changed to meet your individual needs. It may be that you consider feature walls, different coloured wood work or the injection of another feature colour.

Either way; when considering redecorating a room, it is important that you consider many different options with regards to colour and design. This will make the difference between a beautifully newly decorated room and a real statement space.

Our advice would be not to be scared of colour. We carefully select our paint products in order to achieve a brilliant finish. Combining complimentary colours is an exceptional way to bring the best out of any room, big or small.

Are you looking for an experienced decorator who can provide a design package? Call today on 01477 535862. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We take great pride in offering brilliant customer service.

How to Decorate a Room

The question of how to decorate a room is a straightforward one. Generally, the process follows similar steps but care and consideration into each of these steps will make a difference. It is vitally important that one the decorating work is complete that the paintwork is seamlessly smooth.

We recently completed this redecoration project in Somerford, Cheshire. Our clients wanted an injection of colour into their little girl’s bedroom. To start with we boarded one wall. The original skirting was removed prior to work commencing. Decorating preparation is key!

Home Decorating Cheshire How to decorate Cheshire






Once the wall was fully boarded it was then meticulously skimmed in order to achieve a beautifully smooth finish. The wall was then left to fully dry with the aid of our driers. This speeds up the process and minimises disruption for our clients.

Decorating Preparation CheshireOnce the wall was fully dried the skirting boards were replaced, the walls fully caulked and everywhere sanded in preparation for the new paint. A modern pink shade was chosen and this was complimented with a light grey ceiling and grey woodwork. The combination made an incredible statement once completed with all soft furnishings matching these colour choices.

Decorating girl’s bedrooms can sometimes be a challenge due to the fact that tastes change and fashions quickly come in and out of favour. Our advice would be to keep the walls and wood work relatively neutral and go use furnishings and framed prints to add character. These are much easier to change than a total room redecoration.

Bedroom Design Cheshire Girls Bedroom Cheshire






Have you got younger children? It may also be worth considering, as these clients did, to invest in a wipeable paint. We are able to offer a colour-match service with the option of this paint alternative.

Our aim is to make sure that you get the most out of your redecoration project and to achieve your vision with ease and simplicity. We will always do all we can to support the process; please call today on 01477 535862 to discuss your project.

Simple Design Still Creates a Statement

Large spaces can sometimes be thought to be tricky to decorate. Individuals feel overwhelmed by the room proportions and the huge range of choices. It may be that they feel added pressure as if they get it wrong, it can be problematic and expensive to alter.

Design Ideas CheshireWe are here to offer assurance that simple design can still create a unique statement. We enjoy taking the time to offer advice and tips on design elements. The key to creating an adaptable space is to not get bogged down by the room size, but instead to think of it like other smaller rooms. This may make it feel more manageable.

By selecting more neutral colours, you are able to add other elements such as rugs, art and furniture to help define the space. Why is this a good idea? This is often considered to be wise as these items are easier to change when considering updating the space.

Simpe Design Alderley EdgeAnother great tip is to ensure that you consider storage. Too many times is it seen that rooms are redecorated and redesigned, then once completed, the space is filled with clutter. Armoires and ample closed storage allows for items to have a place. Items such as these and storage trunks are incredibly fashionable and will add stylish statements.

A top tip when considering colours and whether to use paint or wallpaper is to carefully think about the purpose of the room. This ensures that the area will be practical and functional. First consider paint finishes. Would a scrubbable paint be worth considering? These materials may be more initially but the lifespan of this paint type will be more than worth it in the long run.

It is sometimes better to consider a large space as a collection of smaller spaces. Are you looking for a quality decorator to support your redesign project? Call Vantage Decorators on 01477 535862.

Freshen Up Your Hall, Stairs and Landing

It is sometimes over looked but our hall is the space that most of us see on entering our homes. We can often be accused of getting used to the way that it looks. It is often an area that suffers most wear.

Decorator Cheshire Cheshire DecoratorIt should therefore be one of the first areas you consider redecorating. The impact of this can be great with much aesthetic reward.

We were invited to quote for this redecoration project in Congleton, Cheshire. This client mentioned that he was planning on getting a number of quotations prior to selecting their chosen decorator.

After exchanging a few e-mails it was agreed that they would like us to complete the work. We scheduled the work and kept in contact up to that date.

It was agreed that the area would be stripped of wallpaper prior to the work commencing. Due to the age of the house the walls and ceilings, in particular, were in a bad state. A lot of preparation work went into ensuring that the walls and ceiling were ready to be lined.

Interiors Cheshire Cheshire InteriorsThe ceiling required a lot of work to get them to the best possible finish. There are many techniques used to ensure that a seamless finish is achieved. This means that the seams between the lining paper should be invisible and the general appearance should be flawless.

This was quite a challenge in an older house where the ceilings were badly cracked.

The hallway was completed and looked entirely different from when we arrived. It was decided by the client that the wood did not need treating or painting. This meant that it was all fully protected during the scheduled works.

Have you got a redecoration project you are considering? Would you like information about our decorating services? We invite you to make contact today on 01477 535862.

What a Redecoration Project Can Do For You

We are all often guilty of letting the daily grind sweep us along. However, there are many things that we can do to freshen up our homes. With a newly designed room, it is amazing what a restorative feeling this can offer.

Home Design Holmes ChapelWe completed this job recently for a client in Cheshire. The images show one of the many rooms that we decorated as part of a larger project. Our client sent us these images to show us what the room looked like finished. She had just had new curtains up to perfectly compliment her newly decorated bedroom.

One element of our work that we are often asked about is our charge for daily rates. Many decorators select to offer a daily rate for the work that they complete. We tend not to offer this as it can often become confusing to our clients.

Instead we complete a detailed quotation process. This process offers us the opportunity to discuss the work required with our clients. It allows us to offer advice and detail to which we feel will support the project and possibly improve it.

Home Design CheshireFrom this point we offer a written quotation that outlines the work that we will complete. This offers information and descriptions of every element. At the end of this we then offer a price for the job. This means that there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises at the end of the job.

It only takes an individual to add on a day or two to their anticipated timescales and then the job has turned out to be more expensive than planned. We aim to offer a service that is transparent and comprehensive. We tend to find that this offers our clients assurance that they are dealing with a professional Company.

We work conscientiously throughout the day, ensuring that disruption is kept to a minimum. We understand that your home is your own. We therefore try to ensure that the time taken to complete the work is also kept to a minimum, whilst never wavering on our high quality workmanship.

If you would like to enquire about a quotation or you just have questions about a home decorating project, please call today on 01477 535862.

Home Redecoration Alderley Edge

Home redecoration is more than the application of paint onto walls. It is more than the selection of wallpaper and choice of coloured paint. It is often about creating a fresh, new space for your home. Life is often so busy that our surroundings sink into the back ground. This, however, offers us the opportunity of true appreciation when considering a redecoration project.

We completed this work for a returning client of ours. The redecoration work was part of a larger renovation project. As well as the room redecoration our client was getting new carpets, new sofa suits and new curtains. This would offer an exciting transformation to her home.

Redecoration Images

House Redecoration Cheshire House Redecoration Alderley EdgeThese images show just a couple of rooms that were redecorated during this project. The full venture included two lounges, a bedroom, an office and utility room. Other rooms had been decorated previously.

Part of our work involves other elements such as making good after other trades have been present. The other work including stripping the walls of old wallpaper. We then worked to prepare the walls, ceiling and wood work. The walls were then cross lined in preparation for the application of emulsion. The ceilings were painted and all wood work finished with undercoat and satin wood.

Home Redecoration Cheshire Home Redecoration Alderley EdgeWe were also employed to skim the ceilings in one room and box in pipework in another. This is all part of the reason why we aim to exceed expectations at every opportunity. This is proof of our ability to offer comprehensive services for interior redecoration.

It may be that you wish to take on a redecoration project in phases. We are able to offer a flexible approach and will offer information and advice where possible.

We are able to co-ordinate different trades. This offers a turn-key solution to your home redecoration. Please call today on 01477 535862.

Kitchen Redecoration Wilmslow

This kitchen redecoration job was completed in Wilmslow, Cheshire for a repeat customer. She was having a new kitchen fitted and wanted us to decorate it once installed. We worked with her in order to co-ordinate the process so that it ran smoothly.

Our client selected a grey colour scheme to compliment her beautiful and stylish kitchen.

New Kitchen CheshireWe often discuss the preparatory work required to create a seamless surface. A lot of work is invested in this process as it is the foundation of successful decorating work.

Preparing walls is a process that needs to be tailored, depending on the individual challenges faced throughout the decorating process. Why is this important?

If the correct procedure is not followed then it is possible that:

  • paint can flake prematurely
  • stains can show through again
  • the surfaces can appear uneven
  • the general appearance is unsatisfactory

Decorating Preparation

The above information allows you an insight into the importance of careful preparation. The good news is that once completed correctly, careful preparation can offer a brilliant, long-lasting finish.

Kitchen redecoration CheshireWhere more important than in a light and bright space. Certain lighting works to highlight imperfections in walls and ceilings. Even when the walls are evenly coated, imperfections can draw your eye and detract from the overall appearance.

We draw on our time-served experience and expert machinery in order to achieve the best finish. We use a sanding system that filters away the dust and dirt particles. This offers the following benefits:

  • The dust created by the sanding process is filtered away and therefore not left to be airborne
  • We are able to better monitor the preparation process
  • A superior finish is achieved

Are you considering redecorating your home? Would you like more information and support to complete the process? We offer a free, no obligation quotation process and will do all we can to ensure that we exceed your expectations at every opportunity. Please call today on 01477 535862.

Plastering Problems Whilst Decorating

We visited this property to quote for redecorating their bathroom. Once the process of the quotation and acceptance was completed we arranged a time to start the work.

Bathroom Redecorating WilmslowIt is an inevitable fact that some projects turn out to be more challenging that originally planned. With this job we started to strip back the existing wall paper. As the wallpaper started to be removed, it was evident that the plaster behind it was no longer fixed to the wall.

There are many reasons as to why this can occur but the likely factor is moisture or water damage over many years. In these cases it is important:

TO make sure that all the damage plaster is completely removed

If damaged plaster is left on the wall it can pose future problems. With any redecoration project you need confidence that the work you are completing will stand the test of time. It also needs to be appropriate for the room’s intended use.

Bathroom Redecoration WilmslowTO NOT panic

We offer full and comprehensive services for redecorating. In this case we were able to fully remove all of the necessary plaster and re-skim it. This provides an even and sturdy finish for the re-application of paint or wallpaper.

This is where our experience and ability to provide a range of decorating services really does offer value. It means we are able to complete all services with the knowledge they are done to an incredibly high standard.

Professional Decorating Service:

Bathroom Paint Options WilmslowOnce completed, the walls could be fully prepared and painted. You would never be able to tell the deep-rooted issues that were uncovered during this decorating project. The end result was a seamlessly even finish that will look great for many years.

Our TOP TIP in this case is to consider the best paint finish for the room. Bathrooms can provide many challenges for different paint options.

This is why it is important to request advice on what paint type would best suit this type of room. Moisture and temperate fluctuations are very varied in bathrooms so we will always take this into account prior to offering advice.

If you would like to request a quotation we would welcome your call on 01477 535862. We are a family-run business and will do all we can to support you through the entire process and beyond.

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